Body Conditioning

Take your workout to the next level with our conditioning style classes. By utilizing lighter loads and higher training volumes, individuals will push their muscular and cardiovascular endurance [...]


If you are looking for a fast-paced workout to add to your program, our High-Intensity Interval Training class is just what you need. With this class, the only equipment you’ll need is your [...]


Bootcamp is a class that combines the principles of both total body strength with our body conditioning class, to give a well-rounded total body strength & conditioning workout. By combining [...]

Abs & More

This class is all about the CORE. Challenging the core in all planes of motion will help to strengthen & protect your midsection and back, and help you to gain functional strength in all of [...]

Boxing – Coming Soon

Total body workout designed to increase cardiovascular endurance utilizing heavy bag training to deliver jab, cross, hook and uppercut combinations. This class will get your heart rate up as well [...]

Total Body Strength

This workout will test your strength and push you to become stronger! We apply traditional and functional strength exercises to develop a weight training class that hits your entire body.


Sync your breath and movement while learning proper alignment and technique. Increase your strength and flexibility and relieve tension and stress. Leave every class feeling lengthened and energized.

Spin – Coming Soon

A fun & challenging indoor cycling cardiovascular workout! During your ride you will climb hills & push through sprints to build your endurance all while being motivated by our enthusiastic [...]