Think you can jump into your workout straight from the office, classroom or the comfort of your own bed? Think again. Your body performs better and avoids injury when you are warm and ready. 

A proper warm-up mimics the workout on hand. It should get your joints moving, while progressively adding in bodyweight exercises to warm up the muscles. 

An additional bonus of using a dynamic warm-up is it will increase your flexibility and improve your range of motion. 

For example, think of your mental state when you just wake up. You are groggy and tired – not quite ready to answer important business questions or deliver speeches. This is exactly how your body is when you try and jump into a workout without warming-up.

Preform a dynamic warm-up and you’ll run faster, stretch further and lift heavier.

The turf offers the perfect low-impact surface to begin any workout. Go from chair dweller to gym class hero with the following turf workout to get your body’s gears aligned and ready to really rock your next training session. 

Dynamic Warm-Up 

1. Walking Knee Hugs – 10 each Leg


  • Step forward and raise kneeof opposite   leg.
  • Grab raised knee with both hads and pull into chest.
  • Raise on to toes of grounded foot; tighten glute of the leg.
  • Step forward; repeat on opposite side.

2. Walking Lunge and Twist x 10 each side


  • Step into lunge position with back knee 1-inch off of the ground and slightly bent.
  • Rotate torso towards front knee.
  • Repeat with other leg. 

3. Toy Solider Walks x 10 each leg   


  • As you begin walking, fully extend right leg with slight angle towards opposite hand.
  • Extend opposite arm and touch toes.
  • Being leg down in continuous motion.
  • Perform with opposite leg.

For an advanced variation, try performing the same movement but try skipping instead of walking.

3. Inchworms  x 10


  • Assume athletic stance with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lean upper body forward and place both palms flat on the floor.
  • Walk one hand out in front of the other as far as possible. 
  • Walk hands back to starting position;repeat.

To add intensity, try adding a push-up at the bottom. 

4. Walking Side Lunge 


  • Assume a shoulder-width stance.
  • Take a large step to the side and shift weight over that foot.
  • Sit back and squat until thigh is parallel to floor without allowing heel to rise it knee to go over toes.
  • Push through floor to shift weight over opposite foot.
  • Sit back and squat until thigh is parallel to floor without allowing heel to rise it knee to go over toes.
  • Push through floor to return to standing position. 
  • Cross your leg in front of you to laterally move forward.
  • Repeat.

5. Walking World’s Greatest Stretch x 10 each leg


  • Assume athletic stance.
  • Assume exaggerated lunge position with right leg in front and left leg straight behind.
  • Reach down and place left hand on ground at instep of right foot.
  • Open up chest and reach right arm to sky; hold for one second.
  • Rotate torso back to start position and swing right arm across chest.
  • Bring left leg forward to stand up back in an athletic stance.
  • Repeat on opposite side.

BONUS: Twisting Triangle x 10 each side 


  • Step laterally left and dip hands into side lunge.
  • Keep right leg straight and both feet pointed forward.
  • Rotate hips left into forward lunge position.
  • Reach your right hand up towards the sky, twisting your torse towards your left leg.
  • Hold and return to lunge position.
  • Push through floor to return to standing.
  • Repeat on opposite side.