Heather PattersonOperations Director - BA


    Heather spent thirteen years as a competitive and recreational dancer which gave her a great understanding and respect for athletes and attracted her to hire a personal trainer so she could reach her own fitness goals. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in communications and a minor in public relations. Heather values the importance of outstanding customer service and takes pride in being the first point of contact for new and existing members of Elite Fitness. By making everyone feel welcome, Heather’s goal is to ensure Elite Fitness is the facility in which all members and guests feel comfortable. She has enjoyed watching the business grow and feels a sense of pride in the hard work and accomplishments of many of Elite’s members and athletes. Heather is positive that Elite’s future will hold many more great achievements for our members and many more championships for our athletes.


    Traveling, relaxing poolside, and spending time with family