Anyone who workouts knows, at some point, you will experience painfully tight muscles due to soreness and inflexibility.

Don’t let all those hours spent at the gym each week go to waste. Get the most out of your training by incorporating flexibility and mobility training into your workout program.

When you have a limited amount of allotted gym time; stretching may seem like a meaningless use of those precious moments. 

However, flexibility and mobility training go past just traditional static stretching. As a preventative measure, stretching will save you a huge amount of time, prevent injury and improve your overall conditioning. Yes, stretching can help you perform better in your next workout. How?

“Flexibility”, refers to the total available range of motion around a joint. Whereas, “mobility,” is used to express how well you can move through the appropriate range of motion for a joint within the movement pattern. When your body is flexible it will allow you to go through the full-range of motion in each exercise; so you don’t force yourself through it and potentially injure yourself.

Still not sold? Try performing flexibility and mobility exercises on the TRX Suspension Trainer. While there are many different methods to increasing flexbility, the TRX is particularly well-suited because it allows you to unload and load your body weight during motions. 

This capability allows you to intensify or decrease the pressure on a stretch. Try the following exercises after your next Elite Workout and see the improvement in your performance.

TRX Stretch Workout

Lower Back/ Lat Stretch

 Hold position for 30-seconds.

Dynamic Lat Stretch

 Start with top photo, progress to bottom photo. 10 reps per side; holding position for 30-seconds.  

Hip Flexor Stretch with Overhead Reach


Hold position on each side for 30-seconds.

Standing Pigeon  

Stretches your hip muscles, piriformis and glutes. Hold position for 30-seconds per side. 

Kneeling Split

 This movement will stretch deep into your hamstring muscles. Hold position for 30-seconds. 

Quadriceps Stretch


Hold position for 30-seconds. 

Shoulder Stretch

 This movements stretches all angles of your shoulder – the interior to the pectoral muscles. Hold position for 30-seconds. 

Upper Trapezius “Trap” Stretch

 Hold position for 30-seconds.