In pursuit of strength gains, improved performance and/or a chiseled toned abs? Then it’s important to utilize every method at your disposal.

Too many times, gym-goers get stuck on a single technique or school of thought and dig themselves into a rut that’s hard to escape. This type of training can lead to experiencing plateaus. . In order to grow, we need to reinvent ourselves and the things we do. In the gym, this involves stepping outside of your comfort zone and seeking fresh, dynamic programs.

Cross-Training epitomizes this approach, drawing from a variety of disciplines and incorporating them into vigorous and supremely productive workouts. Cross-Training is the method of combining several different workout strategies (for instance, body building, track and field, and boxing) for a single, comprehensive training session.

In our effort to help you #becomeyourelite, we are bringing cross-training to every inch of our floors with brand new equipment. Check back every Tuesday this month for a brand new workout featuring new machines, exercises and training methods. This week we head back to the Free Motion Machine for compound exercises that will tighten and tone your lower body.

Free Motion Machine Blast

Front Squat to Press

The barbell front squat to push press is a full body strength exercise that targets the shoulders and legs. This exercise also greatly increases core strength and stability.

  • Stand away from the machine with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Fix the weight to a comfortable load you can press. Grab the side handles in both hands with arms by your side.
  • Keeping core tight and chest tall, squat down low while balancing your bodyweight throughout the mid-foot. Once you reach the bottom, pause, and then push quickly back up to the starting position.
  • As you stand, explosively press the handles over your head, using generated momentum to help fully extend your arms. Hold the weight steady overhead and then slowly lower the weight back to the starting position.

Step-Up with Side Leg Raise 

Opt for this leg toning exercise that helps strengthen and lengthen the muscles in your lower body.

  • Stand on the floor with your right leg next to the platform
  • Place your right foot on the platform and turn your toes (of the right foot) out 45°.
  • Step up onto your right leg and lift your left leg out to the side.
  • Bring your left leg back in towards your right leg and lower it to the ground.
  • Complete one entire set with your right foot on the step and then change sides.