Do you feel lost in the ‘healthy’ food aisle of the grocery store? It seems like everyday a new health trend pops up on the shelves; granola bars promise ‘whole grains’ and frozen meals offer ‘organic’ ingredients.

It’s easy to get swayed by foods claims of ‘healthy’. But if you are not careful, you can end up binging on foods that are nutritional equviliant to a snickers bar.

Clear up the confusion surrounding ingredient lists, nutrition labels and marketing hype with Fooducate. A new app for iPhone and android, Fooducate, debunks health claims on grocery items so you can get in and out of the store with the best choice. 

No more hovering in the granola bar asile trying to pick a snack. Simply, scan the barcode or search the product and Fooducate will give the product a letter grade, along with it’s nutritional highlights and lowlights.

Wavering between two products? Simply click the compare button and decide with a side-by-side analysis. The product you want scores too low? No worries, Fooducate will offer ‘better alternatives.’

The whole experience was meant to feel like you are taking your own personal dietitian to the supermarket. 

Download Fooducate for free in the App Store. Or choose Fooducate Plus for 1.99 for no advertisement shopping. Stayed tuned to Elite for more healthy recipes, tips and healthy information to help you #becomeyourelite.