In theory, meal prepping sounds like a no-brainer – look at your week ahead and plan accordingly.

And while it all checks out on paper, meal prep planning fails to take into account the unexpected. There are some weeks you are busier then others, some days where you’re traveling and can’t bring food (or you forget!) and other days you have to meet someone for dinner.

Eating out doesn’t mean you’re doomed to settle for an unhealthy option. There are plenty of healthy options in our local community. This next month, Elite will spotlight several local restaurants around Chandler/Tempe so you can always have a fresh meal option in your back pocket! This week we’re looking at The Original ChopShop Company.


The Original ChopShop Co. hosts locations in downtown Chandler, Tempe and Scottsdale. With a desire to provide people with the familiarity of family recipes; their menu offers seasonal ingredients from local farms geared to an on-the-go and busy life.