Remember the old saying, “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips?” For many people who are eating right and working out regularly but still have a belly pooch the problem might actually be your hips. To be be exact it could be your tight hip flexors.

How is this possible? When your hip flexors are tight, it tilts your pelvis into a forward. If your pelvis is rotated too far forward, your back will arch greatly. This severe arch causes the lower portion of your belly to stick out, regardless of your body fat levels.

Tight hip flexors can be caused from intense workouts, long runs, days spent sitting at your desk or even how you sleep at night. They’re easily correctable.

To fix this problem, you must lengthen your hip flexors and perform corrective abdominal exercises. You can quickly re-set your pelvis and flatten your stomach by incorporating in a combination of foam rolling stretches and exercises into your routine.

Gluteal Release

Because of the hip’s close proximity and connection to the gluteal muscles, this exercise can relieve tension in both the hip and butt.

  • Lie face up, supporting your upper body with your elbows.
  • Place the foam roller under your butt and keep your legs straight.
  • Slowly roll your body back and forth over the foam roller while keeping your body relaxed.
  • Perform this exercise for about one minute and repeat on the other side.

Hip Flexor Release

  • Position your body over the foam roller in a similar manner as the gluteal release.
  • However, in this stretch you will lie on your side and rest your hip on the foam roller.
  • Holding your body weight on your elbow, roll your body up and down over the foam roller for about one minute on each side.
  • Breath slowly and move on a controlled manner.

ITB Release

The hip flexors work in sync with the iliotibial band for many exercises, which is also prone to stiffness and injury due to overuse.This will also prevent symptoms such as iliotibial band friction syndrome and patellofemoral pain.

  • Position the foam roller under your thigh and lie on your side.
  • Resting your body weight on your elbow, roll your body over the roller for about one minute on each side to loosen the iliotibial band.