Meet Our

Master Coach

Justin Bates is our Tribe Team Training Director at Elite. He joined our staff in November 2016 from Health Trax in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Justin is currently one of 10 Master Tribe Coaches in North America with only 27 Master Tribe Coaches globally. In less than one year, Justin has grown Tribe Team Training at Elite into one of the largest programs in the country. He works directly with the Tribe programmers to test and give feedback on current and future Tribe seasons, working to make sure each session is progressive and effective for each Tribe program and Tribe participant. Along with this testing, he helps design new exercises to help grow the diversity of Tribe’s international programming. With his Master Coach status, Justin travels around the country to conduct Tribe Modules and to certify Tribe Team Training Coaches. Justin’s ability to coach and connect with a diverse population has made him an important part of the staff at Elite. Justin not only provides cutting edge training to our clients, but also keeps our staff on the forefront of training as he conducts trainer development workshops and ensures the continued progress and increased knowledge of our staff and interns. With Justin leading us, we offer, and will continue to offer, the best Tribe Team Training programs in Arizona and globally.